Small Group Ministry

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Our desire is that every member of FBFC would experience authentic relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ where they can use their spiritual gifts to encourage, serve, and spur spiritual growth in each other’s lives.  Participation in a Small Group is one way that these types of relationships can be developed at FBFC. Our small groups typically meet in homes two Sunday evenings a month, and range in size from a half dozen people to upwards of fifteen or more, depending on the composition of the families involved.  While each Small Group at FBFC structures its meeting times a little differently, the purpose of all of our gatherings is to:

  • Share our lives with one another in meaningful ways

  • Foster relationships of care, accountability, and service

  • Emphasize prayerful application of God’s Word to real-life needs and circumstances

  • Pursue greater Christ-likeness together in our thinking, character, and conduct

For more information about how to become involved with a Small Group, please contact Pastor Keith Long ( or Dave Winters (