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What is Man?

The writer of old asked this question, “What is man?”  This question has haunted man through the ages.  Since man seems to always mess the universe up, why was man ever put on this earth?  Animals do not normally kill just for the pleasure of killing.  Yet we see or hear of men who find killing another human, one of the greatest satisfying joys of life.  We lock them in cells separating them from what we call normal society, but the desire to kill is still in those men. 

So what is man?  Is he just a beast that preys on this earth to destroy all that is good?  Today, we hear those who believe that man is destroying the earth in various ways.  Can man do that?  Some say, yes, others do not think so. 

Man, is he just an animal that roams on this earth?  A number of years ago a gentleman loaned me a book to read.  I was fascinated by its premise that when you break down every living animal species on earth, it comes to the final point that it is “eat or be eaten, or be the aggressor sexually or be the recipient of the aggressor’s intent.   Is the only thing man is here for is to dominate another or annihilate them?  If so, how sad it is!

Psalm 8:4 the author, King David, asked this same question, but he added another thought to it, “What is man that you are mindful of him?”  When one stops to ponder man and why he is here on this earth, we come to the realization that we are not here by mistake or accident.  No, there has to be a greater reason.  Especially when we stop and realize that God, the one who created all things is mindful of man.   He created man for a reason and He is fulfilling His plan in mankind throughout the ages. 

As the psalmist asked this question, so must we.  So my friends, we will be looking at man as related to us in the Scriptures searching for some answers.  Even though the psalmist, when asking this question was referring to the entire human race.  In our posts we will be looking at it from the male side of the equation.   

Come along and follow us as we discover God’s ultimate plan for us as men.  It should be an interesting journey. 

The slope dweller, deGöuman


What is Man?

Recently a group of men met each Thursday morning to study the life of Joseph.  As we plodded through the book of Genesis looking at this man’s life, I was overwhelmed with the story of his life.  Where did his faith come from we asked over and over.  The overall title of the study was, “Against all Odds-They Overcame.”  So where and how did Joseph, without the protection of his father and family, become the man he became. 

We walked through the history of his family.  There was Abraham, his great-grandfather, who God called to plant the Jewish nation in the land Canaan.  In Hebrews 11 this man who failed often is listed as a Man of Faith.  It never was an easy walk for Abraham but one can see a steady walk that grew in faith and God’s working in this man’s life.

The next family member we spent some time looking at was Isaac.  The Scripture does not give us much to look at other than he was not the strongest of leaders in his home.  As we open the pages we saw how he and Rebecca favored opposite ones of the two, with Jacob being sent away to his uncle Laban.  

Then we spent considerable time mining the pages for information as to where Joseph could look at his father Jacob, as a man of faith.   We concluded that God was extremely merciful to Jacob.  Was that where Joseph gained insights of faith that would cause him to stay faithful and obedient to God while a slave, prisoner, and finally a great leader in Egypt.  From the time he had the dream that his family bowed before him, we saw how he was mindful that the Lord had a purpose for his life.  Somehow as he begged for his brothers not to sell him into slavery, he understood that God was performing a divine plan for the good of all in his life. 

Joseph was aware that as a man, God was always aware of him.  So he could stand before his hate filled brothers and say, “I am your brother Joseph, who you sold into Egypt.  For God sent me before you to preserve life.”  In these statements and others from Joseph, we see that he caught a glimpse of “What is man that you, God are mindful of him.”   

The slope dweller, deGöuman